Lightweight roof bolters for underground mines.

Hydraulic Roof Bolters

Allied hydraulic bolter is light weight hand held and manually controlled rotary drilling and roof bolting machine . The roof bolter is designed to drill vertical hole in mine roof, place a chemical anchored roof bolt and mix, set and tighten the roof bolt. The Roof bolter can be run from the hydraulic power take off or any other item of underground mobile machinery or a dedicated Allied power unit to run a single machine or a multiple roof bolter installation. Allied hydraulic roof bolters are available in various models for gallery height ranging from 1.5 m to 4 m. Mine specific machines can be built as per order.


  • Available for gallery height ranging from 1.6 m to 3.6 m.
  • Can be used thru a Power Take off point of any mining equipment.
  • Can be run by a dedicated power pack.
  • Customised sizes available on request.
Instrumented rock bolts