Lightweight roof bolters for underground mines.

Pneumatic Roof Bolters

Allied roof bolter is as lightweight , hand held and manually operated rotary roof bolting machine. The roof bolter is designed to drill a vertical hole, place and mix a bolt and resin capsules and tighten the nut on the roof bolts. Allied roof bolter is known for its toughness versatile workhorse for underground roof bolting application , incorporating the latest research and innovations to improve reliability and cost effective performance. Allied roofbolters come in 2,3, 4 stage configurations, which options of high speed or high torque drive heads to suit all your conditions. Allied offer a first class hire fleet of well over 100 roof bolters all of which are offered with routine maintenance , genuine parts and mobile service plans. Machines can be customized to any specific requirement’s.


  • Best weight to power ratio.
  • Avaiable for working heights range frim 1.5 meter to 4 meter.
  • Avaiable for coal, shale and very hard rock conditions.
  • Customized machines can be made on specific request.
  • Machines are avaiable on rental basis.
Instrumented rock bolts